Easy CAD & Image Reviewer



SimonView is a dedicated review tool for CAD drawings and images which has ability to display them fast, including the most recent DWG, without using the related applications of the original files. Since SimonView is simple and intuitive, anyone can use it easily to review drawings and images.



Extensible Markup Tools




You want to do something more with drawings? If then, check SimonView Markup Features out. It has plenty of markup features with which you can do what you imagine.
  • Simple Space Management
  • Work Plan based on drawings
  • Collaboration with staffs
  • Visual data collection




News & Release : 




 SimonView App for Android released [01/2015]
    - View DWG, DXF, DWF, TIFF, JPG, PNG etc
    - Support Markups
    - Available from Android 2.3 to 5.0
    - Integrate with clouds(Google Drive/Dropbox)
 SimonView 5.0 released [12/2014]
    - Compatible with SimonView App for Android
  SimonView 4.0 released [03/2014]
    - View DWG 2014 from early DWG
    - Export the specific area to PDF
    - Markup Entity Browser
    - Markup Symbol Manager / Library
    - Snap feature enable to edit Markup easily




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