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  SimonView is not a simple viewer. With various markup tools, you can do many things on drawings. Just think of what you need and try to do it with Markup tools. We are proud of the various markup tools and hope they would help you improve work.
  Client for Integrated Document Management System
When you implement the integrated management systems such as EDMS, PDM, KMS, and Drawing Management System, you can install SimonView in your client system and use a variety of data in the server system.
Design/Construction/Facilities Management
SimonView provides you with powerful portability that allows you to use and manipulate data needed for the purpose of design, construction, and facility management onsite with TabletPC.
SimonView handles the large size of vector data, such as maps. With SimonView, you can implement simple GIS by adding attribute data and symbols to the map.
Since SimonView provides ActiveX API, it helps application makers integrate other programs. You can quickly implement your own customized system by using SimonView components.

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