Supported Formats


 circle36_orange.gif Overview
SimonView is a software application which has ability to display DWG/DXF/DWF files and the most common file types of BMP, JPEG, WMF, EMF, TIFF, PCX, and PNG images. Since SimonView is easy to use, users without specific knowledge of CAD applications can review, add data to, and print drawings and images by simply using a mouse.
Viewing fast
Because SimonView has a powerful display engine, it can rapidly display drawings without costly CAD applications. Users can modify text fonts as well as use numerous types of fonts since SimonView supports Window fonts (TTF) and AutoCAD shx fonts.
Markup & Review
SimonView also provides various markup tools to help users review drawings and images. Through the markup tools, users are able to add data and link related data as well as forward necessary information into the original file without changing it.
ActiveX API
Since SimonView consists of ActiveX API, it can be easily integrated with the related applications in order to view and print the files. Users readily maintain and keep track of objects created through markup tools because SimonView can link necessary information to the objects.

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